Courtesy Web Listing Services & Non-TAMR Adoptions

These services are provided for individuals, other rescues, and animal shelters who have Malamutes, Malamute mixes, or other northern breed dogs needing homes. Please read the program descriptions and requirements before you contact TAMR about listing privately available or lost/found dogs.

Please give as much known information about the individual dog as possible; including:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Breed ID (Malamute, Mal-mix, etc)
  • Spay/neuter
  • Vaccinations
  • Health condition (includes heartworm status)
  • Temperament
  • Personality
  • Training (leash, crate, house, yard, etc)
  • Known problems (noisy, escapist, emotional issues, etc)
  • Caretaker contact information (name, email, phone, website)

Helpful adoption information includes how the dog acts with cats, children, and other dogs. A date, identifying description, and general location are requested for lost/found listings. Good photos are always appreciated and may be mailed or emailed. If we successfully refer a dog for private adoption, we would greatly appreciate (but do not require) a donation to TAMR.

Note: Web listing privileges are revoked if the information provided is found deliberately in error or is misleading. Dog listings will be removed if no further contact is received. Listings are denied if full disclosure is not given or listing requirements are not met.

• Private Adoptions

Private adoption listings are also provided for Alaskan Malamutes, malamute mixed breed dogs, or other northern breeds available for private adoption within Texas. All dog information listed is as presented to TAMR by the current owner or agent. Contact the individual dog's listed owner or agent for adoption or further dog information. If we successfully refer a dog for private adoption, we would greatly appreciate (but do not require) a donation to TAMR.

PLEASE NOTE: TAMR requires ALL private dogs be spay/neutered for direct adoption and proof may be required prior to listing. We also request privately owned dogs be fully vaccinated, current on preventative, and have NO known human bite history. TAMR makes no claims or guarantees about private adoptions or dogs.

• Other Rescue Organizations

TAMR lists available dogs for rescue groups with Malamute, malamute mixed breed dogs, or other northern breeds. Adoption requirements vary between individual rescue organizations. Information listed is as presented to TAMR by the rescue organization. Contact the individual dog's listed rescue group or representative for specific adoption and dog information. TAMR makes no claims about other organization's policies or actions, and has no control over the adoption decisions of other organizations.

PLEASE NOTE: TAMR requests available rescue organization dogs be evaluated, fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and have NO known human bite history prior to adoption. Proof of non-profit organization status may be required for rescue listing.

• Animal Shelters & Humane Societies

Animal Shelter and Humane Society dogs may be under the threat of euthanasia and killed at any time. If possible, the known "last day" or "kill date" is given. Not all shelters adopt dogs to private individuals, please check with the shelter about release policies. If not adopted privately, some dogs may be saved through TAMR foster care.

• Lost & Found Dogs

A separate listing is maintained for lost or found dogs. Information is available about what to do if you lose or find a dog. Found dogs may be available for adoption, or released to animal shelters (see above), if the original owner is not found. Lost dogs may be far from their original home or area, so please do not hesitate to contact an owner if you think you have seen their missing dog.

An Important Note About Non-TAMR Dogs

All private adoptions are a personal matter between the owner/caretaker and the adopter. TAMR makes NO claims or guarantees as to the temperament, personality, health, vaccinations, safety, or other, of any dog listed for private adoption. Please contact the listed owner, caregiver, or organization for further information and any questions concerning the dog.

Please contact TAMR for more information on listing an available dog or lost/found dogs, or to report information errors and improper listings. If we successfully refer a dog for private adoption, we would greatly appreciate (but do not require) a donation to TAMR.

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