Animal Shelter & Humane Society Dog Adoptions

ALL dogs listed here are in danger of being killed!

Missing Info & Photos on a Shelter Website mean that dog is gone!
By Texas law, stray dogs can be killed after 3 days and owner turn-ins may be killed immediately! Shelters may consider some dog finders as the dog owner. Contact the animal shelter or humane society listed for adoption and other information or assistance. *

Shelters must euthanize *every day* to make room for new arrivals. Comment date is shelter intake date. Any euthanasia or "KILL DATE" may not accurate. Do not hesitate to ask about any dog!

Not all shelters adopt to the general public. Some dogs may be saved when a good rescue foster home is found. Contact TAMR immediately to foster or sponsor any Malamute listed.

Not *ALL* shelter dogs are shown here! Visit Pet Harbor and Petfinder for many more dogs.

Please call / visit the shelter and do not rely on email when trying to save a life.

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* All information is presented as given to TAMR or as collected from public shelter listings. TAMR makes NO guarantees on the temperament, personality, health, etc of any dog not in the direct care &/or control of TAMR. Please contact the shelter listed for additional information or assistance.

Some shelter dogs may be available for rescue if a good foster home is found.
Please contact TAMR if you can home foster any Alaskan Malamute listed here.

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Shelter Dogs
Stray/Found Dogs May Be Killed After Held 3 Days!
Owner Surrendered Pets May Be Killed Immediately!
All Shelters will Euthanize Pets with Poor Health or Temperament.
Many "No-Kill" Shelters Transfer Dogs to Another Area Shelter for Euthanasia.
True "Low-Kill" Shelters have Limited Intake Admission and Have Long Pet Waiting Lists.
Older dogs, big dogs, common breeds or mixes, and even some common colors are often the first dogs to be euthanized.
Not All Shelters Adopt to Public
Some Shelter Dogs May Be Saved Through Rescue Foster.

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