Contacting TAMR and Our Rescue Coordinators

People visit our site for various reasons, from across the country, and even from other parts of the world. Our visitors are always welcome and we appreciate hearing from you.

General Assistance: If you are here to learn about Alaskan Malamutes, have questions on the breed, or problems needing assistance, please feel free to browse the website for information or contact TAMR for Alaskan Malamute information and general assistance.

Adopt & Foster: Please complete our adoption & foster application before making detailed inquiries on specific dogs. This will help give us a general idea of which dogs may be suitable for your home, and will help avoid any unnecessary delays in adoption or volunteer contact. We also ask you read about our adoption & foster programs before contacting TAMR. You are never obligated to take any dog, but neither can we guarantee to have a dog suitable for every home or to approve every request.

Owner surrender: TAMR is an all-volunteer organization and very limited in the number of dogs we can keep at any one time. We do not euthanize dogs to make room and may not be able to take your dog immediately. We will do our best to assist you and your dog, however, we cannot promise when a suitable foster space or adopter becomes available.

TAMR evaluates all dogs before acceptance into our rescue program. Please be aware not all dogs are accepted or we may ask specific requirements be met first. See our referral listing and other assistance information. Also the rehoming information: Moving, Finding A New Home..

Volunteer Help: Please contact us for the ways you can help Alaskan Malamutes. You may choose to home foster or help sponsor individual dogs. You can volunteer to transport dogs, do home checks, screen ads, help with training or socialization, walk or bathe dogs, assist us with events, etc. And of course, your helpful donations are always welcomed. Please remember every effort helps save dogs and is often as simple as giving some of your time!

CONTACT NOTE: Please be patient when contacting TAMR. Our volunteers help rescue in addition to their work, family, and other personal or professional obligations. You will be contacted as soon as possible, but it may take a few days depending on prior commitments. We receive many requests, so please contact us again if you do not hear from our volunteers within that time.

TAMR Contact Information:

Contact TAMR: General Dog, Adoption, and Rescue Information:
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Please complete our adoption & foster application before making detailed inquiries or any dog visit requests. Our application gives us a general idea which dogs may be suitable for your home and helps avoid any unnecessary delays. And please let us know if you do not hear from a TAMR volunteer.

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