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Foster homes are always needed to help dogs. Our fosters care for available dogs waiting for adopters and dogs still in rehabilitation. Opportunties include full time foster, weekend or part time foster, or as single time foster for a specific dog. Senior and special care fosters are especially appreciated.

You are welcome to contact any TAMR member before fully deciding whether to foster a rescue dog. We encourage applicants to visit the Malamutes available for foster before making any final decision to take a dog into their home.

However, we do require that our application is completed and returned to us before you schedule a visit. All visits to meet our dogs are by appointment only, so that a volunteer is available to introduce you to the dogs and talk to you about foster care responsibilities.

About our Foster Dogs:

  • ALL our dogs are spayed or neutered prior to foster care.
    • Some exceptions may be made during medical treatment and under the care of a licensed veterinarian. These dogs may not be available to new fosters.
  • Dogs are temperament and personality evaluated for their general home type and suitability. Foster dogs are placed in homes which are suitable to their needs and individual personality.
  • Our dogs are current on vaccinations and heartworm preventative.
    • Exceptions may be made only if advised otherwise by a veterinarian and under medical treatment.
  • Dogs are treated for any known health problems, some foster dogs may be in post treatment recovery.
  • Some dogs have requirements of training, health needs, or emotional rehabilitation.
  • Dogs in most areas are also microchipped.

About our Foster Process:

  • You must be an adult of at least 18 years old and "head of household" to apply as a foster care home.
  • We require all potential fosters complete our application questionnaire.
  • Fosters who rent/lease their home must provide written persmission from landlord.
  • A rescue volunteer will contact you after we receive your completed application.
  • We will check veterinary references on current pets.
  • We visit your home by appointment to meet family members, other pets, and to evaluate home safety conditions.
  • If your application is approved, you may foster a dog suitable to your home and family.

General Foster Care Information:

  • Foster caregivers agree to care for the dog as a member of their home, and to make the foster dog available to pre-screened adopters (by appointment) and to TAMR rescue volunteers.
  • Foster homes help evaluate foster dogs and give full disclosure of all health and behavioral information to TAMR. Health, behavior, or temperament problems are reported immediately.
  • Medical and health maintenance costs are paid by TAMR, either through pre-approved receipt reimbursement or direct payment to the service provider.
  • Any specialized costs, such as behavior counselling, are paid by TAMR through foster reimbursement or direct payments. Specialized costs must be approved in advance.
  • Normal "daily" costs of dog care are paid by the foster. (food, toys, grooming supplies, etc)
  • Foster homes are encouraged to set personal limits on the personality, temperament, or caregiving needs of the foster dog, as well as the number of foster dogs and their available length of time as a foster home.
  • Not all dogs are available to every foster home and TAMR reserves the right to deny foster placement for any reason.
  • Dogs will be returned to TAMR if a foster is unable, or unwilling, to keep or care for their foster dog. Dogs will be returned if the foster dog is not an appropriate match for any reason.

If you see a Malamute on our dog pages that interests you, or you would like additional information on foster care, please let us know. We can provide more information on potential foster dogs, as well as other information on rescue or Alaskan Malamutes.

A printable application form, this foster information page, and other information or resources are available for download at the publications page.

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