Senior and Special Care Dog Adoptions, and Lifetime Fosters

Dogs in the greatest need of loving new homes never receive one. This is usually due to their age or special requirements. Adopters simply pass over them for dogs with seemingly longer lives to live, no medicines, no behavioral or special training needs, or with no physical handicaps to spoil their natural beauty.

These special dogs have so much love to give their human companions and ask little more in return but a safe, comfortable, and equally loving home. They deserve the same chance at living better lives as do the younger or more "presentable" dogs. Please consider these overlooked dogs for adoption, home foster, or rescue sponsorship.

Visit the Senior Dog Project for additional information on Seniors.

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Note: Click on the dog's name for more pictures or a web link. Please read our adoption, foster, and private listing program requirements for further information. Contact the person or rescue listed for more information about these dogs.

TAMR Senior & Special Care Dogs:

Please Contact TAMR and ask how you can sponsor or foster a senior or special care dog.

Sex / Age


SBWM (single,black/white, male) seeking a SPF (single, pretty, female) who has a lot of patience and willing to work with a shy, scared of men and kids, guy like me! I know it might not sound like a catch but I am once I trust you! I will give you lots of kisses and even cuddle with you, will play with toys, especially the squeaky stuffed ones! I love having a calm home with a steady routine which would be great if it included a Starbucks run! Click here to view his Facebook fan page!


Kami is a smaller girl who is very friendly. She is good with most dogs, altho no small dogs or cats. She can be shy with human strangers and needs slower introductions before warming up. She will do best in a multi-dog home without smaller children.


Lakota is a large senior gal who is full of spirit and who loves people, has great house manners, and rides like a champ. Lakota LOVES water and swimming! She is low heartworm positive and will be treated slowly with monthly heartworm prevention. Lakota is given daily joint supplements and is otherwise happy and healthy. Lakota can be assertive with other dogs and doesn't like to share, so she needs supervision around most other dogs. However, she lives with 2 other dogs right now. Lakota will be an easy keeper. See pictures of Lakota here.


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