Alaskan Malamutes (and other Arctic working breeds) are both family companions and used in their traditional roles of working and sporting dogs. Sleds are still pulled for freighting, racing, or recreation... and in warmer climates a cart can be substituted for a sled! Skiers are pulled by the dogs while "skijoring". Some urban owners rollerskate or rollerblade with their Malamutes. Other Mals are used as packdogs during hiking trips with their human companions. Mals have also been used in "search and rescue" and as "therapy" dogs. As a group, the Northern Breeds are intelligent, friendly and generally adaptable to many different activities.

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Northern Breeds: Arctic and Nordic Breed Sites

Activities: Working Dog and Dog Activity Sites

Outfitters: Online Equipment Resources

Other Stuff: Miscellaneous and Related Sites

Northern Breeds -Arctic/Nordic Breed Sites

Colors of the Siberian Husky  Excellant page with color descriptions & pictures

Alaskan Huskies A good website on this popular arctic racing dog.

Chinooks Worldwide Ever wondered what a Chinook is...? Try this site.

Samoyeds Lots of Sammy information including breed rescue and the Samoyed Club of America.

Seppala Siberian Sleddogs Breed project to bring back the Siberian racing dog originally used by Leonhard Seppala. Excellant and interesting site once past the introductory page.

Siberian Husky Official homepage of the Siberian Husky Club of America.

Spitz Breeds Club of NSW

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Activities & Working Dog Sites

Dog Play An excellant site covering everything from leisure play to organized sports. Definitely something for everyone here!


Sue's Weightpull Page

IWPA International Weight Pull Association homepage. Dog Sledding

ISDRA International Sled Dog Racing Association.

Working Dogs Although this is a non-breed specific cyberzine, it covers lots of activities you and your dog can do together.

Working Dogs FAQ

Stephen R Lee's Homepage Mushing info as well as links to other very good dog stuff.

The Iditarod Race Iditarod page has race results, pictures and information.

Sled Dog Central Good starting point for sled dog surfing.

Tundra Winds 

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Outfitters & Equipment Resources Online

Alpine Outfitters  A little bit of everything for your outdoor activities.Sled Dog

Black Ice Lots of great stuff to outfit your dog with and gifts for yourself.

Expedition Outfitters Small event to large expedition outfitting.

Nordkyn Outfitters Sledding & working equipment and a few gifts.

Wolf Packs Homepage Dogpacking equipment and good information. 

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More Miscellaneous & Related Stuff

Mushing Magazine Covers info on sledding, skijoring, weightpull and other northern dog sports.

Alaskan Journal Flying journal of Linda Dowdy's 3 week trip along the Alaskan Highway system. 

Sled Dog Central Online source for sleddog and sport information.Snowdog Sleeping

White fur, red blood Sad farewell story about a Samoyed named George. From "Travels with Samantha" by Phillip Greenspun.

Colors of the Siberian Husky  Excellant site with color descriptions & pictures. Highly reccommended!

Malamute Express  Malamute sled tours and lots of great pictures.

Sleddog Poetry  An excellant Malamute poem from "The Hills Of Faraway" by Bill Foster.

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