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Alaskan Malamutes are muscular, heavy-boned dogs originally bred for working in arctic conditions. They have a broad head and muzzle, triangular upright ears and a friendly expression. The eyes are solid brown in color (never blue!) and are almond shaped. The tail is a furred plume, usually carried up & over the back.

Mals are a double-coated breed; a coarse longer "guardcoat" and dense woolly "undercoat". Alaskan Malamutes come in various colors; shades of gray, black, seal, red, sable or the only accepted solid color of white. Coat color combinations are acceptable with white as the predominate color on the underbody, legs and face. Facial markings are a distinctive feature that range from an all-white "open" face to color surrounding the eyes and down the top of the muzzle.

The Alaskan Malamute's general appearance is one of balance, strength, and alertness. Their image of reserved diginity is often broken by clownish charm.

Alaskan Malamute Pictures on the Web!

The Collections:   Links to picture collections, clubs, breeders & etc.

The Individuals:  Links to personal homepages and individual dogs.

Picture Collections From Sites, Clubs, Breeders & Etc:

Walker - Texas Bucket Head! Virtual Dog Show  Check out this season's current online show... and browse the Malamute section, of course! (But be polite, visit the "other" dogs.)

 Starhawk Arctic Art Gallery For something just a little different, try this page of excellant artwork by various artists.

Aklavik Kennels Photo "album" page from a work and show kennel.

Alaskan Malamute Photo Album Several pages of submitted photos.

Del Bagio Follow the links to several good photos from a kennel in Italy. (multi-lingual site)

Jiepeers Kennels Excellant site with lots of pictures of working mals. Browse around and have some fun.. one of the highlights is a moose hunt! (multi-lingual site)

MalamuteOrg Large picture collection of individual dogs submitted by viewers and friends. Also has links back to info, humor, and personal stories.

Mi-Wak Kennels Pictures of Boomer & Sophie.Dawson - The EBSCO Malscot

Snowlion Alaskan Malamutes Lots of good pictures can be found throughout the site.

Tigara Pictures of the famous "Moochie". Follow the more button to pictures of their other mals.

Wildpaw Kennels Very good web page with several excellant pictures and links.

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Picture links of individual dogs and personal homepages:

Kellett Homepage Very good page with lots of pictures, links, and info. His personal writing style makes this page lots of fun!

Sheila Marie Baxter Kaleigh and Baxter's Home on the 'Net. Some good pics of a Mal puppy. Check out the Baxter twist!

Catalina On line "photo album" of one mal and her family.

Chugach A couple pictures with a "resume" for Chugach.

Comet & Glacier Several good activity pictures. Also a great "Mals around the world" locater off the main page.

Moses' & Cathy's Mals Lots of excellent pictures of Tipsy, Broc, Tory & Tasha. And more on their own pages!

Sheila Marie - Click for the Big Picture! Puffin Now for a very good picture page from another Mal-pal. Skip over to the homepage for a picture of "Moochie"!

Raven & Kiva The "hair bags" from the summer of '94.

Rikimaru Nice photo collection from Japan.

Sasha Several LARGE pictures of a Texas Mal from Houston. (Pics can be a little slow to load - but worth the wait.)

Sled dog in arctic sunset Sinjin Single picture from a larger collection of "doggie 'netpals".

Stacy's Homepage Some very nice pictures of Princess, Diamond & Maveric!

Tess Good picture of a "rescue" Malamute from Boulder. Sadly Tess is no longer with us.

Thor Pictures are a little grainy. Cute collection though.

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